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U16 Stars & Spikes Tournament

FebrUary 24, 2019



2019 Spokane Sky Stars & Spikes U16 Tournament

Riverside Schools

Welcome to the 2019 Stars & Spikes Tournament. We look forward to a lot of great volleyball this weekend and hope that you have an enjoyable experience.  This year’s tournament U16 Division has 24 teams.  We will be using Riverside Elementary, Middle and High School. The schools are all adjacent to each other.

U16 Format:

This is an R1 provided event, coaches will NOT have to R1.

The format that we will be using is a modified power league format that allows strong and balanced competition during pool play.  Seeding is based upon team rankings as supplied by the Evergreen Region. Teams will seed into one of three tournament brackets (Gold, Silver and Bronze) using the following formula:

  • Gold Division – Top three finishing teams in Pools A/B and the top finishing team in Pools C/D.
  • Silver Division – Fourth place finishing team in Pools A/B, second and third place finishers in Pools C/D and first place finisher in Pools E/F.
  • Bronze Division – Fourth place finishing team in Pools C/D and teams finishing second through fourth in Pool E/F.

Housekeeping & Facility Rules:

  • This year I will be allowing beverages in the gyms, but ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD.
  • The only exception to this rule is if there is a documented medical condition on the player’s medical form.
  • No pets are allowed in the gym or inside the school buildings
  • No electrical appliances with team coolers.
  • Team cooler areas will be available in the hallways. Please leave a path open on     one side of the hallway.
  • School vending machines will be unplugged or taped up per instructions from the school. Please do not try to use them.
  • If there are issues around the bathrooms, please notify the site director. There will be a site director in the middle school and at the high school.
  • Please, clean your area during the tournament, and before you leave. This will allow us to continue to use these great facilities.

 For Coaches:

  • This year we will NOT be having a coaches meeting. All coaches must check in at the tournament desk by 7:30AM and bring their webpoint roster and receive any other tournament information.
  • Pool play warm-ups are 5/5 for the first two rounds and 3/3 thereafter. There is no shared hitting and serving is included within your warm-up time.
  • All matches in four team pools are 2/3 with the first two games to 25 and the third game to 15 with no cap.
  • Tie breaking procedure per ERVA Tournament Procedures Manual.


We will have apparel concessions on site with Fine Designs Apparel and a concession stand with snacks and Drinks. The proceeds from our concessions go towards the Spokane Sky Scholarship Fund.


Prizes will be presented to the first place team in the Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions as well as the second place finisher in Gold.


U16 Accepted Teams

Team Name Code
208 u16 (EV) fj5208vb1ev
Club South 15 Gold (EV) fj5sthvb1ev
CLUB ZZU 16 Regional B (EV) fj6cbzzu3ev
Columbia Jrs 15-1 Black (EV) fj5colum1ev
Columbia Jrs 15-2 Red (EV) fj5colum2ev
CPA Xtreme 16 (EV) fj6cpavb1ev
DCV16 (EV) fj6deary1ev
Idaho Impact 16 Black (EV) fj6idimp1ev
Idaho Impact 16 Teal (EV) fj6idimp2ev
MSVB1 16-Nationals (EV) fj6msvb11ev
MSVB1 16-Regionals (EV) fj6msvb12ev
MVA 16 Elite (EV) fj6mtvba2ev
MVA 16 National (EV) fj6mtvba1ev
NCWVBC 16-1 Gold (EV) fj6ncwvb1ev
Panorama Juniors 16 Red (EV) fj6pnrma1ev
PNW Inferno 16-1 (EV) fj6infro1ev
Sideout 15-1 (EV) fj5sdtvb1ev
Spokane Sky 16-1 Black (EV) fj6spsky1ev
Spokane Sky U14 Tsunami (EV) fj4spsky1ev
St. Maries U16 Elite (EV) fj6stmar2ev
T3 16 Kenzie (EV) fj6t3vbc2ev
Team Yakima 16 Black (EV) fj6tmykm2ev
Team Yakima 16 Gold Elite (EV) fj6tmykm1ev
Troy U16-A (EV) fj6tryvb1ev

Pool A

Riverside Elementary School

Seed Number Name
1 1 NCWVBC 16-1 Gold EV
4 2 MVA 16 National EV
5 3 Idaho Impact 16 Teal EV
8 4 CPA Xtreme 16 EV

Pool C

Riverside Middle School

Seed Number Name
9 1 Team Yakima 16 Black EV
12 2 Club South 15 Gold EV
13 3 Sideout 15-1 EV
16 4 CLUB ZZU 16 Regional B

Pool E

Riverside High School

Seed Number Name
17 1 MSVB1 16-Regionals EV
20 2 Spokane Sky 16-1 Black EV
21 3 Columbia Jrs 15-2 Red EV
24 4 DCV16 EV

Pool B

Riverside Elementary School

Seed Number Name
2 1 Team Yakima 16 Gold Elite
3 2 Idaho Impact 16 Black
6 3 MVA 16 Elite EV
7 4 Troy U16-A EV

Pool D

Riverside Middle School

Seed Number Name
10 1 MSVB1 16-Nationals EV
11 2 Panorama Juniors 16 Red
14 3 208 u15 EV
15 4 Columbia Jrs 15-1 Black

Pool F

Riverside High School

Seed Number Name
18 1 T3 16 Kenzie EV
19 2 St. Maries U16 Elite EV
22 3 PNW Inferno 16-1 EV
23 4 Spokane Sky U14 Tsunami

Play Schedule

4 Team Pool
Play Ref
1 vs 3 2
2 vs 4 1
1 vs 4 3
2 vs 3 1
3 vs 4 2
1 vs 2 4

Play Schedule

3 Team Pool
Play Ref
1 vs 3 2
2 vs 3 1
1 vs 2 3


Riverside Schools
(NOTE: Elementary, Middle, & High School are adjacent)

Hotel Info

Spokane Sky is excited to announce that the Ramada Hotel is our preferred partner for the Stars & Spikes Tournament, and is offering preferential rates to all clubs who choose to stay with them. The team rate is $71.  Please contact the Hotel for details.